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Accident Victim Wowed by R2,325,507.00 Award

updated: 20-Mar-18

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) is a public entity which is supposed to compensate victims involved in road accidents that occur in South Africa. However, the process is highly complicated and full of opposition and these injured victims need an attorney to do their claim for them or risk no or little compensation being paid out to them. One such attorney firm is de Broglio Attorneys Inc. They are the best in this field of law and have been assisting victims of road accidents with their RAF claims for over 22 years, producing consistent outstanding service and results.  

Michael McIntyre* is a client of de Broglio Attorneys Inc. and was assisted by them in successfully settling his RAF claim for an amount he never dreamed possible. “I am very impressed with de Broglio Attorneys and the way they managed my claim,” he remarked. 

He was a motorcyclist in an accident caused by another driver and he sustained multiple fractures and underwent various operations as a result of the accident. He said, “I had operations for my fractures. I’m living a pretty normal life now but still have some aches and pains.” 

de Broglio Attorneys Inc. pride themselves in striving to provide their clients with constant updates, friendly service, proactive management of their cases, and ultimately the highest compensation possible. Michael was blown away by the service he received from de Broglio Attorneys Inc. throughout the claim process. He said, “I think overall very de Broglio Attorneys is very professional, keeping me up to date on exactly what was happening in my claim the whole time.” 

Michael’s case was recently settled for R2,325,507.00 in the North Gauteng High Court. He was overjoyed that his case was not only handled so well but that it was settled successfully for an amount he could only have dreamed of.  

Michael proclaimed that he would “most definitely recommend the firm” to any family and friends who are involved in motor vehicle accidents. He said, “I trusted you guys, I trusted the process with you guys, and the way you dealt with it. Obviously what is good for me is good for you. I trusted you would do the best for me and you did.” 

Michael’s case is just one of thousands of RAF cases successfully handled by de Broglio Attorneys Inc. where the focus is on excellent client service and top compensation awards.   

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.