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Be wise - breathalyse

updated: 27-Jan-10

Johannesburg-based law firm de Broglio Inc has urged all motorists to take personal responsibility for their driving behaviour this festive season.

The company routinely deals with third-party accident claims against the Road Accident Fund and is well acquainted with the horrific and often tragic repercussions of careless driving.

Michael de Broglio welcomed the Department of Transport’s joint venture with the private sector to make disposable breathalysers available for sale at Engen garages nationwide.

“The traffic authorities have undertaken to stop and check a million vehicles over December and January, and check for roadworthiness, overloading and reckless driving, but drivers also need to step up to the plate and do their bit to make the roads safer.

“South Africans have developed the unfortunate habit of taking a chance and having a few more drinks than they should, thinking that the odds are good that they’ll most probably ‘get away’ with driving under the influence,” he said.

“But by taking responsibility for breathalysing yourself, you will be able to ascertain whether or not you are over the legal limit before getting behind the wheel – and that crucial decision to sober up or get someone else to drive could save your life and those of others.”

De Broglio said that the department’s pledge to stamp out pedestrian jaywalking was another step in the right direction, because incidences of “drinking and walking” were commonplace, and often led to accidents.

“People are entitled to chill out and relax over the holidays, but need to make sure they do so safely,” De Broglio added. “The number of people who are killed, maimed or permanently disabled in car crashes on South Africa’s roads remains unacceptably high.”

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