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Birthday Party ends in Horror Crash

updated: 03-Jun-13

In South Africa road works are a common happening and drivers should always drive with extreme caution when driving through areas experiencing such road works. Specialist attorneys, de Broglio Inc, handle a wide range of Road Accident Fund claims acknowledging that not all motor vehicle accidents are caused by the driving of another vehicle. The team at de Broglio Inc are highly equipped to investigate, gather evidence, and prove your case in court, ensuring top results time and time again.

36-year-old Susan du Plessis* had spent a wonderful day celebrating her mother’s birthday with family in December 2010. She left in high spirits with her fiancé and sat in the front passenger seat as they proceeded home. Suddenly her fiancé collided with a foreign object that was in the middle of the road in an area with road works and lost control and the vehicle rolled repeatedly. Susan lost consciousness upon impact and was in a coma for 13 days after the accident occurred. She spent 10 weeks in hospital and thereafter many weeks in a rehabilitation facility.

Susan had suffered some severe injuries as a result of the accident. For the rest of her life she will walk with a crutch as her right leg has been left 3cm shorter than her left leg due to multiple fractures and even though she underwent multiple operations to try and fix this, these were not fully successful. She underwent a left hip replacement which is not normally considered to be an operation that someone her age would have to endure. She also suffered a crushed right shoulder and a mild traumatic brain injury.

Susan approached specialist attorneys, de Broglio Inc for advice on how to claim compensation from the Road Accident Fund for her pain and suffering and medical expenses. de Broglio Inc advised Susan that they can handle the entire matter for her and that they will regularly update her on the progress of her claim. Susan was impressed with the professionalism of the team at de Broglio Inc and consented that the firm would handle her matter.

de Broglio Inc immediately set about obtaining medical records, documents from the police and other crucial evidence to lodge the claim against the Road Accident Fund. They employed a host of leading experts in Johannesburg to consult with Susan and to supply them with vital medical opinions which would strengthen her case and prove her pain and suffering.

Every aspect of Susan’s life that had been affected by the accident was taken into consideration and her matter was settled in the South Gauteng High Court for R 4 000 000.00. Susan reported that she was extremely pleased with the manner that her matter was dealt with, with how she was kept constantly updated with the progress of her claim by the highly efficient team at de Broglio Inc and with the final settlement. Another great settlement and great review by a client for de Broglio Inc.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.