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Blown Away by R7,733,860.70 Outcome

updated: 30-Apr-20

de Broglio Attorneys recently settled a claim against the Road Accident Fund (RAF) for the substantial amount of R7,733,860.70. This fantastic result was achieved by these attorneys who prevail as the leading law firm in this field of law. This prestigious law firm has over 2 decades of experience in settling claims against the RAF and provide their clients with excellent client service, expert advice, and the highest possible settlements.

Rachel Mxolisi*was ecstatic when her RAF claim was been settled for the substantial amount of R7,733,860.70. She had suffered from a severe traumatic brain injury and was in a coma for five days after she had been involved in a motor vehicle accident. She has no memory of the accident but the police report stated that the vehicle in which she had been travelling as a passenger had lost control and spun across the road colliding into an oncoming vehicle.

She had seen various de Broglio Attorney adverts on TV and decided to contact them for advice. Rachel said, “I saw adverts on TV and then I sent an email enquiry through to them. John got in touch with me and came through to see me. We filled in all the paperwork and then that was it, they did everything for me after that meeting.”

Rachel was extremely impressed with the service she received from de Broglio Attorneys for the duration of her claim. “I cannot fault the level of amazing service I received from them. From the get go I always knew what was going to happen in my case. My medicals were all arranged and I was informed a long time before the actual appointment and reminded about them,” complimented Rachel.

Her claim was settled at court for the staggering amount of R7,733,860.70. She was ecstatic with this settlement and reported, “When it came to settlement amounts and payment of settlements, there was always that surety that de Broglio were going to handle it for me. I knew I was in good hands. They handled it to the best of their ability and I had no complaints.”

Based on her own experience, Rachel promotes de Broglio Attorneys to others at every opportunity. She explained, “I definitely refer a lot of people to de Broglio. In fact, the day I left de Broglio signing my settlement papers the Uber driver that picked me up asked me about de Broglio. He had obviously been involved in some type of accident. I told him that the best thing to do after he dropped me off was to turn around and drive straight back to de Broglio and talk to them. That was my first referral and since then I have been telling anyone who has been involved in an accident to contact de Broglio. It’s only de Broglio that can help you out.”

This is a wonderful testimony of the superb service and settlements that de Broglio Attorneys obtain for their clients. If you have any queries, contact them on 011-446 4200.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.