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Child Pedestrian Victim Wins Her Claim of R2,882,721.00

updated: 12-Aug-18

Tragically, South African pedestrians are often seriously injured in motor vehicle accidents which were no fault of their own. Even worse is when it is a child that falls victim to such a misfortune. Fortunately, legal firms such as de Broglio Attorneys Inc. are there to assist these victims in claiming for compensation from the Road Accident Fund (RAF). De Broglio Attorneys Inc. are the leading law firm when it comes to claims against the RAF. They have and continue to help hundreds of injured people attain compensation for their injuries.

Young Adrianna Viljoen* was a pedestrian who was struck by a speeding car that skipped a stop street and sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, and a fractured right leg as a result of the accident. Her family was devastated about what had happened to their precious little girl. 

Her mother turned to de Broglio Attorneys Inc. for help in suing the RAF. They took on her claim and prepared for ultimate settlement. Unfortunately, the majority of claims against the RAF are hauled to court where they are often settled on the steps of the court. De Broglio Attorneys Inc. have years of dealing with this and ensure their clients are always kept updated and feel secure about the progress and status of their claims. 

De Broglio Attorneys Inc. have an open door policy and always encourage their clients to keep in contact and to keep the firm updated with any developments or mishaps that occur in their lives since the accident. In this way, the firm develops insight into the lives of each client and can pay attention to important occurrences that may affect each claim. 

Adrianna’s RAF claim was settled in the South Gauteng High Court for the wonderful amount of R2,882,721.00. Her settlement was viewed as a great success by the de Broglio Attorneys Inc. legal team and by her family who were happy that the matter was closed and settled so that Adrianna could start her new life and leave the accident in her past. 

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.