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Concussion Injury Settles for R2,865,615.00

updated: 25-Jan-17

Claiming from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) is not a straight forward procedure. There are many legal twists and turns along the way and often a member of the public who claims directly from the RAF, falls off the narrow path to successful settlement. De Broglio Attorneys Inc. can assist one in making a successful claim against the RAF. This specialist law firm is known throughout South Africa as the leaders in settling RAF claims and take on clients from all over the country. 

In this case, Sarah Bedwin* was an innocent party involved in a motor vehicle accident where she hit her head hard and sustained a concussion injury. She decided to contact de Broglio Attorneys Inc. for assistance with a claim against the RAF. She said, “When you think road accident fund you think de Broglio. I probably initially heard about them on radio because I don’t really watch TV.”

In Sarah’s case, the RAF initially offered R300,00.00 in full and final settlement. Her attorney advised her not to accept such an offer as it was severely less than what her claim was worth. She rejected the offer and the RAF came back with an increased offer of R720,000.00. Again, her attorney knew her case was worth more than that and advised her to reject the offer. Finally the RAF came with an offer that was acceptable and the matter was eventually settled in the South Gauteng High Court for the outstanding amount of R2,865,615.00. 

Sarah was overwhelmed with joy at how de Broglio Attorneys Inc. had protected her best interests by rejecting the under-offers made by the RAF. She said, “As a member of the public I probably would have accepted the initial offer of R300,000.00. You can’t do these claims by yourself. I mean, how would I know which medico legal experts to use? I would not advise anyone to attack the RAF without an attorney. The RAF is unfair. They are completely incompetent. They are supposed to be an organization based on a restorative justice set up but they are not fair. I think they have forgotten what their mandate is.”

Sarah was impressed with de Broglio Attorneys Inc. and commented, “I think the service was great. It was all explained to me in the beginning in and I am happy with the result. The settlement was definitely way more than I thought it would be so it was quite a shock.”

This case illustrates why it is dangerous to approach the RAF directly. It often leads to under-settled cases and the result we achieved in this case is a perfect example as to why you need a professional firm of attorneys on your side. De Broglio Attorneys Inc. have the experience and legal knowledge to argue poor offers from the RAF and to increase them substantially for their clients.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.