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Contented client can finally seek medical treatment

updated: 29-Mar-10

Another settlement, another satisfied client – it’s all in a day’s work for de Broglio Attorneys, who are fast establishing a reputation as the country’s premier law firm specialising in third-party claims.

Marsabelle McHarg is thrilled with the “brilliant” service she has received from the de Broglio team in handling and finalising her claim against the Road Accident Fund (RAF) – a mere two-and-a-half years after the accident took place. “I know people who are still waiting, eight years or more down the line, to get a claim finalised,” she relates.
Marsabelle, a personal assistant by profession, was involved in an accident on 3 March 2007 in Jules Street, Malvern. While she was waiting patiently in her car at a red robot, a BMW smashed into the stationary vehicle opposite her. The force of the impact pushed that car head-on into Marsabelle’s vehicle.
This multiple-vehicle accident caused her to sustain back and neck injuries, as well as a sprained wrist. To this day, she experiences severe headaches and neck pain, which is why she opted to settle out of court with the RAF for R300 000 – in order to get cracking with much-needed medical treatment.
The accident affected her productivity so badly that she had to ask her employer for a demotion, and today she works as a financial administrator. Part of her award includes compensation for loss of 10% of her income and future earning capacity, as a result of the accident.
“I’ve had nothing but brilliant service from de Broglio,” Marsabelle enthuses. “They pushed the case forward and worked hard to get a settlement. I’m really in awe of them! Now I will be able to go and see a chiropractor and get treatment for my neck, as I’ve been in agony for a while.”

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