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Cyclist celebrates R180k award for fractured finger

updated: 05-Dec-11

A de Broglio Inc client hopes to soon be back in the saddle following an excellent third-party payout of R180 000 for a finger that was fractured in a cycling accident.

Dale van der Velde* was riding his bicycle when he was involved in a collision with a motor vehicle. He sustained a fracture of his ring finger, and had to have a K-wire (metal pin) inserted to assist with the digit’s healing.
The orthopaedic surgeon who examined Dale reported that while the fracture had healed well, there was some muscular degeneration in his left hand, as well as diminished grip strength and tenderness. He recommended physiotherapy to ensure the finger returned to full strength.
The injury, however, meant that Dale could no longer play soccer or do woodwork, which left the young man somewhat depressed and anxious. The occupational therapist said that with the appropriate treatment, she was confident he would make a 100% recovery.
Dale enlisted the services of de Broglio Inc to handle his accident claim against the Road Accident Fund, which subsequently offered him a settlement of R180 000 to cover damages and medical care – an amount that both the firm and the client are ecstatic with.
“I’m very happy with the service I received from de Broglio attorneys and with the settlement,” says Dale, who is well on the road to recovery.
*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality

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