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Hair stylist gone bad

updated: 25-Mar-14

When one dreams about one’s life, one generally has visions of growth, a brighter future and increased success as one ploughs through life’s challenges and work demands. One never envisions a degradation of their career, a landslide downwards towards unemployment. But one also never envisions being involved in a motor vehicle accident which could shatter all of one’s dreams. 

Susan Grey* is a woman in her early 30s. She had completed her Grade Twelve and qualified as a hairdresser straight after school. Her vision had always been clear. She wanted to open her own hair salon. Her life was going just as planned and she started her own hair dressing business just a few years after qualifying. She was a true entrepreneur at heart and when she was presented with the opportunity to become a partner in a lucrative training business she snapped it up. Her future was bright.

Everything was bright, that is, until one fateful morning in May 2010. Susan had been a passenger in a truck driving towards a T-junction when suddenly the brakes of the truck failed, and the truck rolled into the veld.  

Susan fractured her vertebra, crushed her thigh bone and crushed her trachea. In an instant, her entire life had just changed for the worse. She was hospitalized for 1.5 months after the accident and subsequently re-admitted for weeks thereafter for treatment. 

Even years after the accident she still experiences breathing problems and she cannot stand or walk for long periods of time. Her injuries sustained in the accident and their effects have had a negative impact on her working capabilities leading to a drastic decline in her career progression. Susan was not able to resume her pre-accident employment.  In fact, her business eventually closed down. 

Injured, unemployed and desperate, Susan knew she needed help. She had heard from a friend that de Broglio Inc were the leaders in suing the Road Accident Fund. She decided to contact the firm and the de Broglio Inc legal team took on her case with vigour. 

Susan finally saw a glimmer of hope as de Broglio Inc guided her through the claim process, taking every step to ensure her best interests were served, and ensuring she consulted with the top medical and legal specialists in Johannesburg. 

Finally the trial date was upon her and de Broglio Inc and her counsel made their way to the North Gauteng High Court. They battled against the RAF and eventually settled for a staggering amount of R6,353,305.00. 

Susan was overwhelmed with the settlement and knew that although nothing can replace the life she had, at least now her suffering and troubles would be alleviated. The de Broglio Inc team ensured they settled her claim for the maximum to secure a happy life for Susan.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.