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Illegal U-turn causes damages

updated: 26-Apr-14

Driver with whiplash and soft tissue injuries to the right shoulder and right hand is awarded R300 000.00 as settlement in his Road Accident Fund claim. This is a fantastic settlement given that the date of this accident was under the new RAF law which places limits on RAF pay outs. The legal team at de Broglio Inc ensured the maximum compensation was obtained for their client.

Daniel Lexton* was driving through a green robot in Pretoria West when a bus that had been stationery, suddenly made an illegal U-turn in front of him, obstructing his right of way and causing Daniel to collide with the bus. There was nothing he could have done to avoid the accident.

As a result of the accident, Daniel suffered several injuries, including whiplash and a soft tissue injury to his right shoulder and hand. 

He was employed as a short-term insurance broker and was off from work for two weeks recuperating from his injuries. When he returned to his job he found he wasn’t coping as he did before due to various accident-related challenges. This had a negative impact on his employment and earning opportunities. 

As the father of two small children, Daniel knew he had to still provide adequately for his family despite the negative challenges he was suffering since the accident. He decided to claim from the RAF for compensation. He employed de Broglio Inc to handle his RAF claim. He consulted with the firm and felt confident given their impeccable track record of successful settlements against the RAF that his claim was in competent hands. 

de Broglio Inc managed his claim efficiently, keeping him abreast of developments along the way. Medico legal appointments were arranged for him as well as consultations when necessary. 

The matter was settled in its entirety on 28 February 2014 at the North Gauteng High Court in the amount of R300 000.00.  

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.