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Incompetent attorney causes seven-year claim delay

updated: 14-Jun-10


Imagine the frustration of having your accident claim languishing in no-man’s land for seven years. This frequently happens to crash victims before they approach de Broglio Inc, which has established a reputation for dealing with Road Accident Fund matters speedily and efficiently.
A case in point is Dennis Fraser, who was 33 at the time of his accident on 19 May 2003. He enlisted the services of another firm of attorneys, but after his claim against the Fund went nowhere for several years, he grew impatient with their lack of action and opted for de Broglio Inc.
It proved to be a wise move. Since taking on his case in 2009, they have already taken it to court and the merits have been settled their client’s favour.
Driving a sedan, he was involved in an accident with a truck on the evening in question, on Heidelberg Road in City Deep. Dennis sustained head injuries, a fractured pelvis, a dislocated hip, facial lacerations and other injuries in the accident. He has had to have a hip replacement, faces a knee replacement operation and no longer has the full use of his right arm.
Since he has no recall of the accident and because the truck driver passed away while the matter was pending, there was no way of accurately apportioning blame for the accident. But now that the merits have been agreed on, the case is progressing apace.
“It’s funny: in five years with the other attorney I saw one doctor. Now, in one year with de Broglio I’ve seen five professional experts!” says Dennis.
He says his previous attorney, who has since been disbarred, dragged her heels on his claim – despite constant phone calls and emails on his part. They got as far as a court date after four years, but the advocate then informed Dennis that his attorney had not prepared the case properly and there would be more delays.
The final straw came when he was supposed to see a neurosurgeon and phoned to confirm the day before – only to be told that his appointment had been “given away” due to his attorney’s failure to follow the correct procedures.
Fed-up, the next day he phoned de Broglio Inc. “My previous attorney kept shuffling papers around the table, so yes, there was definitely frustration on my part,” he relates. “At one stage, I must say I wanted to throw it all away – either something had to be done or to hell with it. But now I’m far more hopeful of the outcome – with de Broglio Inc, they update me all the time and are very thorough in following up.”
Michael de Broglio says that accident victims must realise that they do not need to stick with an attorney that is not delivering results: “Dennis is one of our many clients who have made the switch to us, and have not regretted it. We work fast and smart, and our clients have access to top-notch medico-legal experts. Our excellent results speak for themselves.”

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