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New hip for golden oldie after hit-and-run

updated: 18-Feb-10

Even if you’re a pensioner and your working days are over, you can still receive decent compensation following a car accident.

This was discovered by 82-year-old Johnny Khoza*, who secured a payout of R150 000 from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) after enlisting the services of law firm de Broglio Inc.
The pensioner was the unfortunate victim of a hit-and-run accident in Lenasia Village in November 2006. Walking along the street, he was struck by a vehicle whose driver didn’t bother to stop – despite the fact that he or she had just knocked down an elderly man.
As a result of the accident, Johnny sustained a fractured left arm and developed post-traumatic osteoarthritis in his hip. Because of his advanced age, doctors recommended that this condition be rectified with a hip replacement operation.
Although he did not suffer any loss of income in the accident, Johnny was awarded general damages of R150 000, to be paid by the RAF.
“This award will ensure that Johnny is able to undergo the operation to improve his quality of life and ease his suffering, enabling him to enjoy his golden years in a measure of comfort,” says Michael de Broglio.
*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality

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