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Payout for bookkeeper after intersection crash

updated: 15-Feb-10

De Broglio Inc's lawyers have obtained a R150 000 settlement from the Road Accident Fund for a client who was injured in a car accident that occurred at an intersection.

Many accidents take place at intersections, and it is not always cut-and-dried whether one party is 100% to blame. This often means that an apportionment for partial liability is deducted from the plaintiff’s damages award when it comes to Road Accident Fund claims.

In the case of Fiona Duvenhage (51), she was driving in Kempton Park in November 2005 when another vehicle turned right across her path of travel, crashing into her car.

She sustained whiplash, and requires treatment and possibly even surgery to her neck as a consequence of the collision.

A credit controller prior to the accident, Fiona had to leave her job and is now a bookkeeper – which is, out of necessity, a more sedentary position, causing her to suffer an estimated 10% loss in productivity.

De Broglio Inc and the Road Accident Fund settled on a R150 000 payout for Fiona, after the 30% apportionment for partial responsibility had been deducted.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.