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Payout helps mother care for disabled adult son

updated: 09-Jul-12

A taxi driver who was left mentally disabled after a car accident is to receive a settlement of R1.8-million from the Road Accident Fund, thanks to the attorneys at de Broglio Inc.
On 10 June 2006, Andrew Makhubela* was driving his vehicle when another driver turned across his path of travel, causing Andrew’s car to roll.
He arrived at hospital in a semi-comatose state and it soon became clear that he had sustained a severe brain injury with permanent damage. Andrew’s right ear is now deformed, and he was left with extensive facial scarring as well as further injuries to his spine, right shoulder, and left leg.
Because of the brain damage he sustained in the collision, he is now completely unemployable and is being cared for by his mother.
Unfortunately, because he was employed in the informal sector at the time of his accident, there was no documentation to prove what his income had been. This is critical information as it helps the parties involved in litigation to estimate what his loss of earnings would be over his projected lifetime.
Nonetheless, the settlement of R1.8-million from the Fund, which will be placed in a trust and used to care for Andrew, will go a long way toward helping his family come to terms with their tragedy.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality

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