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Pregnant woman suffers mild traumatic brain injury

updated: 27-Feb-13

de Broglio Inc Attorneys are specialists in their field of Road Accident Fund and Personal Injury claims. The team at de Broglio Inc have succeeded in settling thousands of claims over the last 15 years ranging from whiplash injuries to severe brain damage cases. This wide range of experience makes them the firm who may be able to assist you if you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident for which you were not to blame.

Michelle van Wyk* was a front seat passenger in a vehicle in 2008 when they drove through an intersection and another motor vehicle skipped a stop street and collided with them as they proceeded along their right of way. The way this accident happened is common but the injuries of each person is varied.

In this matter, Michelle was 13 weeks pregnant at the time of the accident and sustained a mild traumatic brain injury, lacerations to the forehead and lip and a fracture to the left clavicle. Fortunately, there was no permanent brain damage and the depression she suffered after the accident would according to the medical experts consulted with by de Broglio Inc, eventually go away with further treatment.

Michelle however, continues to suffer pain and weakness in her left shoulder and lower back and this was also considered when de Broglio Inc Attorneys claimed against the Road Accident Fund. Her employer also reported to the experts appointed by de Broglio Inc that Michelle’s personality had changed since the accident and she had become quite volatile. The experts advised that this may negatively affect her performance in a company and make her a vulnerable employee. The team working on her matter carefully considered the experts’ advice and reports and ensured all losses and future losses in terms of income, pain and suffering and medical expenses were covered in her claim.

The matter was settled in the Johannesburg High Court for R331 477.00 and Michelle was very pleased with this result.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality


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