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R1,250,719.33 Victory in RAF Settlement

updated: 02-Sep-18

de Broglio Attorneys specialize in suing the Road Accident Fund (RAF) for compensation for their clients who are victims of road accidents. This is a very specialized field of law and de Broglio Attorneys have over 2 decades of experience in this type of work. They know how to successfully settle a RAF claim and they know how to get the maximum amount of compensation for their clients. Having them on your side will place you in a winning position when you want to claim from the RAF.   

Recently, de Broglio Attorneys settled a claim for the amount of R1,250,719.33 for one of their clients, Mirisna Harkins*. Her story started in 2014 when she had brought her vehicle to a stop for traffic ahead of her, and was stationary, when she was hit from behind by another vehicle. The accident resulted in her sustaining a soft tissue injury to her spine and a serious left shoulder injury.  

She decided to contact de Broglio Attorneys for advice on whether she could submit a claim against the RAF. She had seen their television adverts and got their number when she was watching one of them. She said, “I remember I saw one of their TV adverts and I got the number from that.” 

de Broglio Attorneys consulted with Mirisna and advised her that they would take on her claim and that they would fight for her. She was relieved that she had the backing of such a powerful law firm behind her and for the duration of her claim she received top service from the firm. She said, “The service I received was always brilliant. I just cannot complain.” 

Her RAF case was taken to court where she attended with her legal team. Her claim was settled in the corridors of the South Gauteng High Court for the fantastic amount of R1,250,719.33. Mirisna commented on her settlement, “I’m very happy. It was very brilliant!” 

Mirisna advised that she was so pleased with the service she received from de Broglio Attorneys and for the amount of compensation that they secured for her that she has already spread the word to people she knows. “I have already recommended some people to de Broglio, I will definitely recommend people to them,” she concluded.   

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.