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R3.4-million settlement for brain-damaged passenger

updated: 06-Feb-12

A client of de Broglio Attorneys will receive R3.4-million in compensation from the Road Accident Fund after sustaining extensive brain damage in an accident on the N3 highway.

On 23 June 2007, Samuel Carter* was a passenger in a vehicle that was towing another vehicle. While they were driving on the highway, another vehicle rear-ended the towed car, causing a collision that left Samuel severely injured.

This self-employed business owner sustained a severe brain injury in the crash, including a fractured skull and a leakage of cerebrospinal fluid. Moreover, the accident left him with whiplash to his neck and back, and a fractured collarbone.
Sadly, his brain damage was so serious that his business had to be sold – a factory that manufactured eiderdowns, curtains and other textile products – and his four employees were laid off. Samuel is now unable to work, and his disability has rendered him unemployable on the open labour market.
During a previous trial date, he was awarded an interim payment of R150 000 to assist with his living and medical expenses while awaiting the finalisation of his RAF claim.
He was represented in court by de Broglio Inc, and the parties agreed that he should receive a settlement of R3 436,650.16, after the advance payout of R150 000 had been deducted. A trust has been set up to administer and look after this settlement on Samuel’s behalf.
*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality

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