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R331,221.78 Awarded for Severe Whiplash

updated: 26-Jan-15

Claiming from the Road Accident Fund (RAF) can be difficult and complicated, even for minor injuries. Luckily, there are firms who can help you with the process, such as de Broglio Inc. de Broglio Inc are a firm of attorneys who specialise in assisting their clients in making claims against the RAF. They recently successfully settled a claim where their client had whiplash for the amount of R331, 221.78. 

Matthew Moonsamy* is one of de Broglio Inc’s clients. He had been involved in a motor vehicle accident and wanted to claim from the RAF.

He decided to use the services of de Broglio Inc to sue the RAF. He had heard they were the best attorneys when it came to personal injury matters and he wanted the finest to represent him in his case. 

Matthew had been driving through an intersection when another vehicle skipped the stop sign and collided with the passenger side of his vehicle. The impact forced him across the road causing him to collide into oncoming traffic. 

He sustained a severe whiplash injury because of the accident and was in constant pain and discomfort since the accident. 

At the time of the accident, Matthew had been working as a teacher in a Head of Department post.  He taught physical education.  His job as a physical education teacher was, as the name suggests, physically demanding and because of his serious whiplash he was unable to cope in his role as a teacher, and had to resign from his job after 30 years of work.   

If the accident had not occurred, he would have continued to work as a teacher until the normal age of retirement.

These terrible stories are the type that the staff at de Broglio Inc are used to hearing. They have dealt with so many various and complicated matters over the years, making them the firm of attorneys to go to for any advice regarding RAF claims. 

de Broglio Inc used their expertise and wealth of knowledge about claiming from the RAF to secure Matthew a wonderful settlement of R331, 221.78 in the South Gauteng High Court. Another successful claim against the RAF settled by the competent team at de Broglio Inc. 

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.