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R3,371,263.00 For Injured Student

updated: 10-Dec-16

De Broglio Attorneys Inc. are the leaders in the field of personal injury law, medical malpractice and Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims. This prestigious law firm has been handling RAF claims for over 2 decades and has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this line of work. They assist clients from all over South Africa and are committed to providing their clients with the best service, advice and results.

Margaret Senekela* was based in the Eastern Cape when she was involved in a motor vehicle accident. She had been a passenger in a vehicle where the driver had lost control and had rolled the vehicle. She sustained multiple injuries in the accident. She said she sustained, “a head injury, my knee had shifted, and I hurt my neck.” As a student, her injuries began to take their toll on her studies. She said, “I was studying at the time of the accident. After the accident my concentration was limited and I was diagnosed with depression which made it difficult to study.”

Margaret approached local attorneys in the Eastern Cape to assist her with a claim against the RAF. After more than 2 years with them she had received hardly any feedback and became extremely unhappy with how they were handling her RAF claim. She didn’t know anything about de Broglio Attorneys until a family member of hers told her about them while they were discussing the terrible service she was receiving from her present attorneys. She said, “I got to find out about de Broglio through a relative. He was based in Joburg and I was in the Eastern Cape and he referred me to them.”

Maragret contacted de Broglio Attorneys Inc. and terminated the mandate of her previous attorney firm. De Broglio Attorneys Inc. started working on her claim and providing her with feedback. She was blown away with their professional service and the drastic difference between how they worked and how her previous law firm had handled her claim. Margaret disclosed, “Because I started the claim with other different attorneys, I felt that de Broglio worked much better than the previous attorneys. They were much better in terms of arranging medico legal appointments, their communication with me, emails and explaining the procedures step-by-step. At one point with the other attorneys I had waited for about 2 years without anyone ever explaining what was going on.”

Margaret’s claim was successfully settled by de Broglio Attorneys Inc. in the North Gauteng High Court for the wonderful amount of R3,371,263.00. Margaret was delighted with the settlement and expressed, “I am hopeful about the future. I would definitely recommend de Broglio to my friends and family.”

 *Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

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