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R4,495,289.00 Phenomenal RAF Settlement

updated: 19-Dec-16

A wonderful success story recently came out of the North Gauteng High Court when de Broglio Attorneys Inc. settled a substantial claim for one of their clients against the Road Accident Fund (RAF). De Broglio Attorneys Inc. are well-known as the leaders in RAF work and have been assisting clients in suing the RAF for over 22 years. They have forged forward through the barrages of technicalities and obstacles involved in suing the RAF and have ensured that their clients always get top service and results. 

In this case, Thembi Bophela* was 32 weeks pregnant when she was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The impact of the collision injured her unborn child who was delivered prematurely by caesarean section as a result. Young Bongi* has suffered from delayed developmental milestones since then.

The attorney handling his claim said, “This case involved a child who was in utero when his mother, who was the driver, was involved in an accident. He sustained multiple injuries including a brain injury which has left him with learning difficulties and which requires him to be placed in a special school. He also suffered a lung problem which has resulted in the family buying a nebulizer which helps with his breathing.”

Themba and her husband wanted to claim from the RAF but could not find an attorney who would be willing to take on their claim because of the circumstances of how the injuries occurred. Themba said, “My husband knew de Broglio and recommended it to me. We had struggled prior because every lawyer in town told us that we didn’t have a claim. Other attorneys told us that our case is too complicated and too difficult to prove because it wasn’t a before and after case. It would be very difficult to prove that how the child is now is because of the accident.”

De Broglio Attorneys Inc. did not hesitate to take on their claim and managed to settle it for a staggering R4,495,289.00. This is an unbelievable result and even more so given the fact that other law firms did not want to take on the claim because of its apparent complicated nature. This is why it is so crucial to have the best law firm do your RAF claim because de Broglio Attorneys Inc. have the experience and expertize to handle and successfully settle even the most tricky of claims. Thembi said, “The service we received has been great. Every information I needed I got it. The updates were very effective and informative.”

Once the matter had been settled in the North Gauteng High Court, Thembi reported, “I am ecstatic. It is much more than we could have imagined. I think the future is nice and bright now. Everything that we would need in terms of my child’s medication and everything he needs will be taken care of so we are good now.”

Her legal team were also ecstatic with the result that they had achieved. Her attorney stated, “It is an excellent result.”

De Broglio Attorneys Inc. arranged for a Trust to be created and administered by Standard Bank with whom they work and with whom their clients are very happy. De Broglio Attorneys Inc. always take extra care to ensure that each client and each case is treated individually and putting the money into a Trust gives the added advantage of helping to protect the money for the child. 

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.