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R5,681,122.00 Rear End Car Accident Settlement

updated: 01-Nov-17

de Broglio Attorneys Inc. have represented thousands of people in their Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims over the past 2 decades continually yielding brilliant results. They are a law firm that specialises in RAF claims and have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field of law, making them an unbeatable force to be reckoned with at court.  

Dylan Anderson* used de Broglio Attorneys Inc. to represent him in his RAF claim. He was injured in a motor vehicle accident where he was the front seat passenger in a vehicle that was hit from behind with great force by another vehicle.  

Dylan said, “I heard about de Broglio Attorneys via my girlfriend at the time. She was in the accident with me and she referred me to the firm.” He contacted the specialist law firm and signed up with them after which they handled his case for him and kept him updated on the progress of his case throughout the claim process.  

The injuries Dylan sustained in the accident seriously affected him and luckily he had the strong team of de Broglio Attorneys Inc. behind him to ensure that he was justly compensated. de Broglio Attorneys Inc. have dealt with RAF claims for people who have endured a wide spectrum of injuries and they have the expertise to handle each case in its own right, knowing exactly what to do and when to do it in order to ensure each claim is successfully settled.  

Through the use of top medico legal experts and diligent legal work, de Broglio Attorneys Inc. were able to settle Dylan’s RAF claim in the South Gauteng High Court for R5,681,122.00.This money brings Dylan well-deserved compensation and his share of justice. Dylan commented, “I only have good feedback about de Broglio, a very competent law firm. I was pleasantly blessed with this settlement. I was amazed. I was very grateful when I heard how much I was getting.” 

For free telephonic advise, de Broglio Attorneys Inc. can be contacted on 011- 446 4200. Give them a call to find out if you qualify for an RAF claim. 

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.


Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.