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News > RAF offers R0, de Broglio gets R3,169,449.93

RAF offers R0, de Broglio gets R3,169,449.93

updated: 13-Aug-20

This client initiated her claim directly with the Road Accident Fund (RAF) and they offered her nothing but an undertaking for future medical expenses. de Broglio Attorneys took over her claim and settled it for just over R3 million. There is no comparison in the results you will get if you use the expert law firm de Broglio Attorneys to do your RAF claim as compared to approaching the RAF directly, or using any other attorneys for that matter. They are well-known and highly recommended for a reason, they are the best of the best.

Portia Mahlangu* wasted years trying to claim directly through the RAF. She recalls her horrific experience, “I went to the RAF and then they started the process. I went to three doctors: first I went to a neurosurgeon, then an orthopaedic surgeon and then a psychologist. And then that was it. I submitted whatever they wanted and waited for 3 years until I finally heard from the RAF. They said they don’t see any problems with me because I am well. They said they can pay for the shrink only.”

Portia had been a passenger in a speeding vehicle that skipped a stop street and collided with another vehicle. She suffered a mild traumatic brain injury with psychological sequelae and multiple fractures. She could not believe or accept that she was getting R0 for her RAF claim when she was so seriously injured.

She decided to keep fighting for her rights and approached de Broglio Attorneys for help. She remembers how it all happened, “Then I found out about de Broglio from a colleague who was helped by de Broglio for her own RAF claim. She also started at RAF but was not assisted at all and she is paralysed. We were talking at church and she thought about me and recommended de Broglio. The RAF had told my paralysed friend she had no claim.”

de Broglio Attorneys took over Portia’s claim and everything went smoothly from that moment on. Portia was amazed by how professional and efficient the law firm was compared to dealing with the RAF. “I will recommend anyone to de Broglio. Once I joined de Broglio everything was so quick for me. At first I didn’t know what to expect. It was totally different to the RAF. At the RAF I only went to three doctors who didn’t even look at me properly and I could see things were not making sense. de Broglio flew me in and out of Gauteng because I live in Cape Town, and made sure I stayed in the best hotels, they gave me the best service,” said Portia.

One of the most impressive things about de Broglio Attorneys according to Portia was the exceptional client service and communication she received from them. She complimented them saying, “The email updates were every 2 weeks and it was more regular towards the end. My attorney was phoning me all the time. I knew what was happening. If I called them they always answered, if I wanted to see them face to face they said no problem and I would go in. And I was so happy with our face to face meetings.”

Portia’s matter was set down for trial in the North Gauteng High Court but she was once again surprised that her attorneys were so efficient she didn’t even have to go to court because they managed to settle her claim out of court for the amazing amount of R3,169,449.93. She commented, “I didn’t need to go to court, they settled out of court. I am so happy that the future is brighter because I will get money for my medicine. I have 100% money back guaranteed for the money I spend on doctors and medicine.”

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.