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Road Accident Victim is Awarded R6,170,487.00 in Compensation

updated: 29-Aug-16

South Africa has a Road Accident Fund (RAF) which pays out compensation for people who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents that were not their fault. In order to obtain the best compensation for a victim, individuals should contact expert lawyers such as de Broglio Attorneys Inc. for advice on how to claim. de Broglio Attorneys Inc. have been handling claims against the RAF for over 20 years and have the experience and expertize to ensure that your claim is settled for the maximum compensation available.

Recently the distinguished law firm settled a claim against the RAF for the staggering amount of R6,170,487.00 for one of their client’s who had suffered severe injuries as a passenger in a motor vehicle accident in Johannesburg.

Young Henriette Lambert*was the victim in this case where the driver of her vehicle lost control and subsequently she was flung from the car. She sustained a head injury and multiple fractures all over her body which left her with a speech impediment. Her father steered her towards de Broglio Attorneys Inc. to claim from the RAF. Henriette said, “My father suggested I contact de Broglio Attorneys after he saw their website on the internet and something on TV.”

de Broglio Attorneys Inc. know exactly what steps to take in order to successfully settle a claim against the RAF. They are experts in this field and employ the services of various expert medico legal practitioners to provide reports for their clients. Henriette was sent for various consultations and she was very happy with the service she received from all of the role players in her claim. She said, “I went for a lot of doctors appointments, everyone was cool. Through the whole claim everything was fine. de Broglio and the doctors were very professional.”

Henriette’s claim was settled in the North Gauteng High Court 4 years after the accident for the outstanding amount of R6,170,487.00. Henriette said, “Everything went great, I don’t have any complaints about the claim. The amount it was settled for is great. It’s a lot of money! Like I said, I had a great team behind me, everything just went well. I’m happy.”

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.