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News > SAPS Officer's RAF Claim Settled for R1,706,218.00

SAPS Officer's RAF Claim Settled for R1,706,218.00

updated: 17-May-17

The North Gauteng High Court recently hosted the battle of de Broglio Attorneys Inc. versus the Road Accident Fund (RAF). De Broglio Attorneys Inc. were victorious over the RAF when the court ordered that the RAF pay them out R1,706,218.00. De Broglio Attorneys Inc. are proud to be known as the leading law firm in the country when it comes to suing the RAF for their clients. This latest achievement adds to a long list of successful settlements that they have achieved over the last 23 years.  

This recent triumph involved an SAPS officer who was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident for which he was not to blame. “This client was on duty and was a passenger in a single motor vehicle accident where his driver lost control on a dirt road,” said his attorney.

Jeff* decided to contact de Broglio Attorneys for assistance with a claim against the RAF.  He said, “No one referred me to de Broglio Attorneys, it was the research I have made because I was reading and meeting people talking about how the lawyers are not open to people. My younger sister was once involved in a car accident which she sustained a bad head injury, she only received R60,000.00 from the lawyers so I didn’t want to see myself with that kind of lawyers, hence I did my homework first.”

His attorney commented on the injuries he suffered in the accident, “He suffered a concussion, nasal bone fractures, and scalp laceration…a mild traumatic brain injury from which he continues to suffer chronic headaches. He is also suffering some depression and anxiety.”

His attorney said, “No offer was made at all by the RAF and a judge was allocated.” His matter was then finalised and settled for the amount of R1,706,218.00 in the North Gauteng High Court due to the fierce efforts of his attorneys from de Broglio Attorneys Inc. In the absence of  de Broglio’s presence in the legal litigation, this case would have become one of thousands of lost and unsettled RAF claims. 

The RAF will take any opportunity to under settle your claim or to throw you off track during the claim process and this is why it is absolutely essential to have a powerful team like de Broglio Attorneys Inc. on your side during your claim process.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.