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Success in the North Gauteng High Court

updated: 17-Jun-14

de Broglio Inc successfully settled one of their client’s claims for a solid amount of R700, 00.00 in the North Gauteng High Court. The law firm have a reputation as being the leading legal legacy in Road Accident Fund claims and repeatedly produce results which support this status. Here is the story of yet another efficaciously settled RAF claim. 

Damian Bright* was a victim of the oh-so-common road accidents that occur daily on the South African roads in March 2011. He had been riding his motorcycle when a motor vehicle which had been travelling in the same direction as him suddenly slammed on brakes, lost control and collided with him. Like most sufferers of car accidents, there was nothing Damian could have done to avoid the accident. 

Even thought he was not to blame, Damian was inadvertently punished because of the accident because as a result of it, he suffered various injuries including an injured left hand and left knee and spent two months recuperating from his injuries. He would always be affected by the consequences of these injuries. 

He was relatively young at the time of the collision, being 33-years-old. He had been employed as a Plant Engineer when the collision occurred. Although his injuries had not left him permanently disabled, he wanted to ensure that he had cover for the future should anything further transpire and affect him due to these injuries. He decided to approach de Broglio Inc for legal advice. He had seen and heard their advertisements and thought it would be worth his while to at least enquire as to whether he had a claim against the RAF or not.

de Broglio Inc advised him that he did have a claim and that they would be able to represent him in this claim. Damian was relieved they could assist him and from then on, he left his claim in the adept hands of the legal team at de Broglio Inc. 

Finally, his trial date was upon them and the matter was settled for R700, 000.00. This was a fantastic settlement and there were cheers all round. 

It is settlements like this that further signify the importance of seeking out legal assistance in making claims against the RAF. The path is tough, there are many abysses and the naïve public need a knight in shining armour to guide and protect them. de Broglio Inc have years of experience and expertise. Call them on 0800 ACCIDENT for advice regarding any personal injury claims. 

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.