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Successful Settlement of R1,671,100.00 for Road Accident Victim

updated: 27-Mar-16

When it comes to suing the Road Accident Fund (RAF) for compensation for injuries, the leaders in the field, de Broglio Attorneys Inc. are the trusted name in the legal profession. de Broglio Attorneys Inc. have been involved in personal injury claims and claims against the RAF for over 20 years. Over time they have built up an undisputable reputation in South Africa as being the industry leaders in this type of legal work. This was evidenced again in a recent settlement they won in the North Gauteng High Court for one of their clients. 

Michael Roux* was on duty as a Protection Officer when he was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2009. He was the driver of his vehicle and he was knocked unconscious upon impact, only waking up 2 days later in hospital. He had suffered from a head injury and multiple fractures and lacerations all over his body. Michael said, “The accident happened in 2009 when I was 27 years old. I have been medically boarded because of the accident. I am sitting at home now. I don’t have a job anymore.”

Michael wanted to claim from the RAF for his injuries and contacted de Broglio Attorneys Inc. to assist him in making his claim. He said, “I saw the advert on the television. Then I decided to phone. It was very long but most of the claims take long.”

de Broglio Attorneys Inc. have vast experience and expertise in lodging and settling claims against the RAF. The claims process is long and winding, with various loopholes and obstacles along the way. It is vital to have a legal professional assist you in making your claim lest you find yourself in a claiming process nightmare.

Michael’s claim was handled with the utmost professionalism and he was kept regularly updated by de Broglio Attorneys Inc. They arranged all of his medico legal appointments, consultations with counsel and the full litigation involved in the claim.

His legal team accompanied him to the North Gauteng High Court where they settled his claim for the wonderful amount of R1,671,100.00.

Michael was happy with his settlement and reported, “I’m happy with the claim but I am happy it is over.”

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.