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Triumphant Settlement of R2,221,922.00

updated: 08-Jan-17

The dangers of being approached by “RAF representatives” in hospital are substantial. You could be misled into accepting an under settlement on your claim, you could hand over all of your personal documentation to someone who does not even work at the RAF and worst of all you could believe someone, somewhere is working on your claim and in the interim your claim has prescribed. This is why it is absolutely crucial to have a reputable and well-established law firm like de Broglio Attorneys Inc handle your RAF claim for you. They are the leaders in this field of law and a recent settlement of R2,221,922.00 is evidence of their excellence in their work. 

This latest settlement was for one of their clients, Bradley Cruise*. He was a passenger involved in a motor vehicle accident wherein a passing truck lost its load and a piece of steel came through their windshield and collided with him. He was seriously injured in the accident and was booked off from work for almost 2 months.

He had heard about claiming from the RAF while speaking with some friends at a braai. He said he heard about de Broglio Attorneys Inc when he saw their TV Advert. Bradley said, “I saw the TV advert and then I drove there and some guys that I knew spoke about you guys.”

“De Broglio Attorneys gave me brilliant service. What I liked the most was when I came there, they assessed my situation and then they took on the claim. At least I knew I had a chance, they didn’t just jump in like the others. I was approached by others who said to me it will all be OK, this and that. At a braai one or two guys that had claims had been approached in hospital. I was also approached in hospital but I said no, I need someone reputable. So I got in my car and drove to de Broglio Attorneys,” said Bradley.

Bradley was highly impressed with his legal team that represented him. He said, “The advocate and the attorney were on the number. There were no stories about it. They were absolutely on the number.” 

His claim was settled and Bradley exclaimed, “It was absolutely amazing! I didn’t expect that at all! When I listened to the advocate, his arguments were very strong. I knew the RAF team didn’t have a chance. I realized the size of this settlement was because of thorough preparation. When we walked into court those guys had nothing. Every single base had been covered by my lawyers.”

Bradley was ecstatic about his claim and his settlement. He revealed, “Overall my impression is that you guys are brilliant. And the big thing was that there were no immediate costs for me.” 

Bradley is just one of hundreds of clients who enjoy the success that comes with appointing de Broglio Attorneys Inc. to do your RAF claim for you. They are the best at what they do and only their clients can truly appreciate how they are treated by their law firm and the awesome compensations that are awarded to them.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

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