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Winning at Court Continues

updated: 05-Dec-17

With their recent settlement of R1,055,957.00 for a Road Accident Fund (RAF) victim, de Broglio Attorneys Inc. continue with their winning streak in settling these matters at court. This respected law firm have long been known as the leading law firm in South Africa for handling RAF, medical negligence and personal injury claims. Their client testimonials and results help to cement their long founded reputation as industry leaders and winners.  

In this recent case, Deveshnee Pillay* was one such client who reaped the rewards of using de Broglio Attorneys to fight and ultimately win her RAF case. She was a passenger in a bus on a national freeway when the driver lost control resulting in an accident. She endured terrible injuries as a result of the accident.  

She heard about claiming from the RAF when she saw de Broglio Attorney’s TV adverts, “It was your general TV ads that I saw, and I asked around and I asked people who they would recommend and many people said you guys,” she said. 

Deveshnee cheered on about how de Broglio Attorneys Inc. managed to increase her settlement by more than 3 times from the initial offer the RAF made, “I am very happy with the settlement and was very impressed with my attorney and my advocate. It was something that we had to go back and forth on. They fought for me. What the RAF wanted to settle on wasn’t even a third of what my attorney settled for. The RAF wanted to give me something ridiculous like R300,000.00. When my attorney and advocate came out with that new figure of over a million I couldn’t even believe them! The RAF wanted to give me R300,000.00 and I was very disappointed with that and then my attorney went and settled for more than 3 times that! I was very impressed and I see the value in using people like them.” 

Her case highlights how the RAF tries to under settle RAF claims especially when the public approach them directly. It is absolutely imperative to have a law firm on your side to fight your case for you lest you face under settlement. Deveshnee said, “I have already recommended your law firm to other people. Again this week I have referred someone through to you as she was still thinking about going through to the RAF directly by herself. I gave her my figures and showed her what de Broglio got for me and how they increased the amount by so much. There is admin in the beginning but once you hand everything in they do everything for you and keep you updated.” 

Deveshnee attended the North Gauteng High Court with her attorneys and advocate who settled her claim for an outstanding R1,055,957.00. she was thrilled with the service and results she received from de Broglio Attorneys Inc.  

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.