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A.B. - "I have been treated with so much respect"

"Dear Michael,

I am at a loss for words as I would never expect the care and results I received from de Broglio.

I would firstly like to thank you and your entire team as I have been treated with so much respect and I definitely felt cared for throughout my entire case.

I was in an accident back in 2013 when another Law Firm approached my Mother while I was in hospital to take on my case and for one whole year we heard absolutely nothing from them. My Mother then told me of de Broglio from seeing advertisements on T.V and reading up on the firm as you have some great reviews. We then decided to get in contact with de Broglio and right away you got started on it. My Mother then told me she had a very good feeling about de Broglio and this is what it should feel and be like, because I did not at all feel cared for with the previous firm, rather just like a case for their benefit and gain rather than in the interest of helping myself.

Never once did I feel uncomfortable or not know what was going on in my case. I did not even have to ask questions as they were already answered through the e-mails and phone calls. The team I have is extremely excellent, thorough and efficient in everything they have done and I have not one complaint about anything at all.

In reference to the way I was treated and dealt with, it was an amazing feeling being genuinely cared for and knowing that I have you all on my side through my tough battle as it was not easy.

To be honest I did not think it would be possible to receive these results as it was not the easiest case to take on, but with faith, believing in me and obtaining everything you had to, you and your Team of experts were amazingly able to do it.

I am so grateful as my life has changed a lot since my accident, I honestly felt alone, useless and as if no one really understood my situation or feelings but you proved me wrong... I am not alone and there are still people out there with big hearts who genuinely love helping others in need of help.

Never once did I feel like this case was about anything other than helping myself and because of your help I am able to start over, even if I am not the same person I was before, I know I can become someone even better now.

It is said that communication is key and maybe even the key to success and from my experience with de Broglio, I truly believe that as communication was constantly made.

I truly appreciate all your help and taking on my case, I could have never done it on my own. I know what it is like to just be a number from the previous firm but with yours it is the complete opposite. I constantly tell others in similar situations to mine about de Broglio and would tell them about your excellent service even before my case was finalized because I had that much faith and just knew I would be happy of the outcome no matter what because of the way you all took care of me, as if I was Family.

Thank you for making me feel like Family and a part of the team, thank you for your faith in me, thank you for all of your time invested in me and most important of all thank you for caring and believing in me. I appreciate this so much and am beyond grateful for the amazing outcome.

Kind Regards"


28 March 2018