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A.M - "Thank you once again - You're a superstar!"

“Dear Nikita,

Thank you for the detailed explanation below. This is what I was looking for and you have answered all concerning questions.

I know that you guys will fight for the best amounts as it does increase your company’s earnings and reputation amongst your clients. I must be honest and say that I really enjoyed sitting in court yesterday and found the proceedings to be interesting and motivating. I wish we could carry and use the respect attribute you mention in all our daily lives and actions. It would make the world such a better place – or should I say S.A. As part of our discussion yesterday you mentioned that you might not handle the case going forward due to it being rotated amongst your attorneys within the company. So let me take the time now to thank YOU and Amelia for the effort and commitment offered during our meetings and court proceedings. It is without a doubt that the case would have been thrown out of court if you guys did not act as quickly as you did and thank the Lord for Amelia.

I really hope that we can finalize this case as soon as possible.

Thank you once again – You’re a superstar!

Have an awesome day


17 September 2014