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Testimonials > A.V.R. - "and I would without hesitation recommend De Broglio to other victims"

A.V.R. - "and I would without hesitation recommend De Broglio to other victims"

“Good day Michael.

I do not know how to start to express my humble /enormous gratitude as it cannot be explained enough in an e-mail...

Maybe, a good way to start is to give you some back ground on my case. I was involved in a huge motorcycle accident in April 2014. I was hospitalized but sent home after 4 days as the doctors said I will surely die and they cannot help me. I could not work, eat, bath etc. for months and my wife treated me at home. During this time I saw your advert on TV and we decided to phone in although we had no real positive expectations. The various doctors’ reports collected by your experts clearly indicate the severe injuries I sustained and the future impact on my life...

Then last week came. You would know all the processes and negotiations etc. We got an amazing settlement. Thank You.

Besides the above I would like to bring to your attention and compliment your team…

Patrick Seduthla - Patrick was also very understanding and softly spoken. I could always e-mail him or even phone him on his cell number if I had urgent questions or concerns…

Nicolle Oosthuizen - Nicolle is exceptional. She was the employee that I had the most contact with. At times we corresponded or spoke daily. She is always friendly and willing to help. The turnaround times on her e-mails or messages were normally within hours…

Zanelle and Jessica - I did not deal with them a lot but they always returned my calls if I was looking for Patrick. They were always helpful and polite especially when we met with Adv. Nick or during our Court appearances.

Payment staff - Every time I was about to receive a payment, your ladies would phone and explain. They definitely understood your client’s needs and also the urgency when making a payment.

General office staff - I think we visited your offices 4 times, and every time your staff was polite, well dressed and well spoken. They always made us feel welcome, offered us tea or coffee. Your company’s staff is very punctual and very professional.

David John - Lastly but not least in any case... He drove to my house in Pretoria as I could not travel. I do not think he or I imagined in our wildest dreams the magnitude of our claim while chatting in my home. David even sacrificed a long week end to meet with us to take the final photos before trial. He was always helpful and I am sure he is a huge asset in your operation.

Michael, the above do not express my gratitude in full and I was honoured to be working with your Company. You guys are very professional and qualified to deal with client’s needs. I do not think that your adverts fully express the difference you guys make in our lives and I would without hesitation recommend De Broglio to other victims.

Thank you a hundred million times over. 

Kind Regards"


21 September 2017