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B.B. - "I had the best team on my side"


I’m a 54 year old male. I was involved in a hit and run accident in 2015. I crossed the road at the robot when the taxi skipped the robot and hit me. It was as if the universe instantaneously ganged up against me after the accident, I undergone a double shoulder replacement, which caused my work to suffer and led to me being medically boarded.

My life was turned upside down, as a husband and father, a provider I literally was left crippled, leaving all the responsibility to my wife. My mental, social as well as financial matters took a severe knock due to the accident. At first I was going to lodge a claim on my own with the RAF, but realized soon enough that I was not going to be compensated fairly for the loss incurred. I tried on several occasions to negotiate for a fair settlement, with no success. I was fighting a losing battle.

I heard on the television about de Broglio Attorneys and decided to go and pay them a visit, and immediately went to see them at their office. I was welcomed in a very professional manner and was introduced to David who assisted me with such excellence, I knew immediately I was in good hands. In no time my application was completed and ball was on the roll. de Broglio arrange everything – doctors and specialist assessments were done . They left no stone unturned and made sure I was well taken care of medically and psychologically by the best doctors in the country. While I was recuperating at home, paying attention to my marriage and family from going down, de Broglio was taking care of the legal matters. Mike and his team of Attorneys took charge of my case in a professional manner and kept me well informed as the time passed on the progress of the case.

It took about four years to conclude the case, and I was kept informed by means of emails, calls from time to time. On a monthly basis I would receive an email as to the progress leaving me well informed with matters relating to the case, I salute them for their professionalism and excellence. Doctors appointments were scheduled on time. I had no alternative but to ensure I was ready and on time, never missed one appointment. De Broglio went as far as to assist with transport to and from the my appointments.

Thanks to Mike and his team for a job well done. I had the best team on my side, my Attorney Jadine Richards and, Advocate Amelia van der Merwe handled my case In court and I was awarded a substantial amount. Words fail me and my family to express our gratitude.

Thanks to Mike and his team brilliant, job well done."


5 November 2019