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Testimonials > B.K. - “You have an amazing and dedicated team Michael.”

B.K. - “You have an amazing and dedicated team Michael.”

“Hi Michael, 

I would like to thank your whole staff for thoroughly taking care of me, my case and any grievances. Words cannot express my gratitude. The drivers Solly, Norman, Albert and Joseph were so kind, friendly and extremely accommodating. Claire and Kaylee who first handled my initial court case with utter efficiency. Also Tamaryn and Nick who were fearless in their approach and well organised and gave me the slam ball settlement I was eventually awarded. Camron and Liz, thank you for constantly having the patience to explain to me over and over again things I didn't understand.

You have an amazing and dedicated team Michael. 

Lastly, John. The first person I ever spoke to at De Broglio. Thank you for convincing me to make the right decision. 

Thank you once again De Broglio. I know I gave you guys some hard times but I now see that there is always a method to the madness.

Keep helping people like me. 



17 March 2017