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B.M. - "always positive that we will win"

"Hello Michael,

I can never find enough words to describe the quality of work received from your office, and to believe, even when my hopes were very low, that we could win the case.

I remember when a colleague referred me to de Broglio Attorneys to handle my case, and as we all know that people will tell you that lawyers are just there to take your money, to me I never imagined it in that way because I believed that if they say you are the best then it must be true.

I want to thank the team that worked with attorney Patrick Sedutla and all who were involved in resolving my case. It has been a journey but attorney Sedutla was always positive that we will win, and we did. I understand and read the terms of payment and the waiting period.

“de Broglio Attorneys are for the people!”

Kind regards"


22 August 2019