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Testimonials > C.C. - "really took great effort in speeding up the entire procedure"

C.C. - "really took great effort in speeding up the entire procedure"

"Hi Michael

As promised I would email you a briefing on De Broglio and how fantastic they were in assisting me with my Road Accident Claim case due to an accident caused by an Ekurhuleni vehicle hitting into the back of my tow bar and thus bending my SUV badly to the right due to lack of concentration and me being the first car stopped at a red robot in.

I must mention that approximately two years prior to this I had a lower back spinal fusion of the L4 and L5 and was doing exceptionally well!

Ironically this accident happened 3 blocks from the Hospital where I had my fusion.

I was admitted to the Trauma Unit and examined and sent for various X-rays.

My neuro surgeon was in theatre at the time and advised the emergency staff what to do.

I spent the day in the trauma unit on a drip. After my neuro surgeon seeing my X-rays he reported that I should return to him for an MRI in 6 months’ time as this is more or less the time the actual damage resulting after the accident would more than likely show up.

Low and behold … he was spot on… 

My medical aid at the time phoned me and asked me to put in a Road Accident Claim.

I emailed a couple of attorneys who are involved in the RAF field and De Broglio Attorneys were the only legal company to return my email.

I was asked by David John to email all the relevant documentation to him for consideration ….

A couple of months later just a couple of days after I had returned home from a procedure David phoned me to tell me De Broglio would be willing to handle my claim.

He was brilliant…within approx. 2 days of his call although I was bedridden at the time, he arrived at my front door to go through the forms.

They were signed and accepted. I was delighted someone had contacted me and how great was it that the legal Company was De Broglio!...

  David rushed the paperwork through and was incredibly friendly and made the experience ‘a not so bad one’ … thanks David!

All I did throughout the 6 years of dealing with De Broglio was follow their instructions and made sure I kept ALL my paper work and emailed it through to them. To this day I still have a folder open reading “RAF De Broglio” on my computer. How easy was that?

When I had to go for my De Broglio and RAF medical expert examinations they made it pleasant. The drivers picked me up from home and were cautious and extremely pleasant – again another thank you.

Samantha was allocated as my attorney to handle my Loss of Income … she was available to answer any questions and returned my calls if not currently present.

My first case was to settle ‘Loss of Income’  - what a bonus when De Broglio informed me my case had been brought forward by a year from the original date set. Wow!!

I was happy with my original date set. Two of my great Motto’s in life is ‘Just do it’ … and ‘If you don’t expect it you will never be disappointed!

De Broglio exceeded my expectations. They did everything more than efficiently and I was never disappointed … again thank you!

My second case was more or less 18 months later to settle the Medical Aid side .. by this stage I was in sheer agony and my back had deteriorated so badly...

Jessica Apfel could quite clearly see the agony I was in sitting at the high court and really took great effort in speeding up the entire procedure and I was home in almost 2 hours without having to speak to anyone but Jessica or enter the court room.

Thanks so much Jess.

Well to cut a long story short … if I can give anyone any advise on an RAF Claim it is:

1.       Be patient

2.       N.B. Read your undertaking .. this is vital and submit your claims and bills to RAF If done the correct way, they are prompt and do pay …

3.       It is not impossible to study from home unless circumstances don’t allow it… don’t expect RAF to pay out in 1 year!! Prepare yourself…..

Thanks again for just being wonderful … I really don’t know how I would have carried myself through this stressful and painful period had it not been for the support given to me by my ‘Brilliant Legal Team of De Broglio.’

Should you have any questions, you are more than willing to give me a call.

A huge thanks to all involved and take care!"


8 January 2019