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C.G. - "standing by me throughout this time"

"Dear Mr De Broglio,

I lost my sister 20 years ago in a hit and run accident and until today the person who hit her has not found. It was just my mom, my small sister and I left behind. My late sister was the soul supporter and pillar of strength in our small family.

A certain attorney took all the documents and reports etc. for claiming from the RAF and we were told nothing. We had no help or support from anyone and the case just disappeared, and until today we have no idea who took the file.

If only we knew about you and your team, then you could have helped my mom back then.

I would like to thank each and every one in your team that helped me, assisted me and guided me through these past 3 years of my life with you all, I wish you all everything of the best.

Dune Delport, thank you for guiding me and for your confidence and for standing by me throughout this time, it is highly appreciated, you are an amazing person and also thanks and best regards to Nico Horn.

God bless you and the team.

Lots of love,"


20 August 2019