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C.K. - "very, very professional!"

"Dear Michael,

It's been a long journey but after four and a half years I have come to the end of my relationship with De Broglio. It's sad in a way because you and your staff become like family but also I get to put my car accident behind me.

I want to thank you and your fabulous staff for the work that you put into a client, there is no such service anywhere else!!!! The communication, the care, the help when you need it, very, very professional! Congratulations to you and your team, immeasurable.

Special thanks to poor Brenda that had to juggle medico appointments to suit us out of province clients, she was always polite and helpful, worth gold. Also to Anna and Zidel who handled my court date, super people. To everybody else at De Broglio a big thank you for your ongoing kindness, Michael you can be proud.

I am still in treatment but thanks to the medical undertaking thanks to you I'm looked after. As you say it's slow but it works.

Have a great Xmas and end of year well deserved break for everybody and all the best moving forward, it's been a pleasure and I know who I will refer to other road victims.

Kind regards"


8 December 2018