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C.M. - "professional determined attorney"

"Attention Michael,

Hope this email finds you well.

Am hereby apologising for the late response on this email.

I am greatly proud to be part of the team during the past 3and a half years. It's been an awesome journey.

To be specific, our attorney Nikita gave all her best through this journey, what a professional determined attorney you have. Each step of All appointments and updates she made me felt lighter and lighter. I greatly appreciate her services and the whole team at large including Angelique.

I never missed any of the appointments, constantly they were on top of their game. I personally felt l was part of the winning team.

Thank you personally for your hands on approach to my journey and the focused team you have, I don't regret choosing your firm at all.

Thumbs up to the other team behind the scenes who worked a great success on my case. Not forgetting the advocate who handled my case no words can express my gratitude.

Thank you once again.

Best regards"


5 July 2020