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C.S. - "applaud you for the sterling job"

"Good Day Michael and Team

In 2012 my daughter and her baby boy were involved in an accident and the baby was only 10 month old. It was a terrible frightening experience where I was forced to take leave and visit them in hospital as my daughter was also hospitalized. My daughter’s right ankle was fractured in two places and my grandson sustained a head injury and went into a coma. My daughter and grandson were on my medical aid that’s why they could have proper medical care, that was my strength. While they were still in hospital I received a lot of calls from different lawyers that wanted to take my case on with RAF. My cousin told me about her colleague that was in an accident and she was very happy with the outcome of her case with De Broglio. 

De Broglio took our case in and told me that my grandson is small so it’s very difficult to do assessments on him, it would be better to wait till he starts pre-school before settlement. You kept me informed throughout and I also cooperated and never missed even a single medico-legal appointment. If I was not available to take them for appointments your drivers were always there to assist. Thank you to all the drivers together with Clare, Ashleigh and Zindy who helped out with driver arrangements, while Nicolle and Michelle were readily available to assist if we had challenges.  Advocate Martin Chaitowitz SC and Attorney Jessica Apfel for taking us through the court hearings.  I am grateful that we were referred to your firm and applaud you for the sterling job and the level of professionalism and friendliness your entire team displayed. 

My daughters case was settled for “a substantial amount.” It took us 6 years up and down to doctors’ appointments but the wait was worth it. My grandson’s case was settled in court for “a staggering amount”, we are still waiting for payments but I don’t have worries because I know De Broglio keep their promises. I am very happy with de Broglio's service, and recently I referred my colleague’s father and you’ve taken his case. Thanks to TEAM DE BROGLIO!

Thank you Michael and TEAM DE BROGLIO.



13 January 2019