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C.Z. - "overwhelmed by the amount of positive reviews"

"Good day,

I remember searching for attorneys to handle my case against the RAF and I was overwhelmed by the amount of positive reviews about De Broglio Attorneys. I looked for negative ones in vain---it was unrealistic. It didn't take much time for me to know why that was the case, and that I had made the right choice in choosing to be represented by you.

I've never had a reason to ask how far my case was. I was informed and reminded more than I actually wanted to be. My attorney, Patrick Sedutla, Michelle Smal, Adv Serfontein and the rest of the team were great. 

You have the cream of the crop of drivers. Bab, Solly, Clement, Vincent, James, Abby and Chiloane calmed my travel anxiety through their impeccable driving and professionalism. 

Thank you to everyone involved.



25 October 2018