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D.C. - "commitment and professional service"

"Dear Patrick & Nicole,

I just want to take the opportunity of wishing you a successful & happy year ahead.

Thank you very much for the amazing, wonderful news of the HPCSA that ruled in our favour on my case. It is such a rewarding outcome after the long & stressful wait. I just want to thank both of you for the hard, dedicated work & time you both put in my case thus far. None of the positive outcomes we achieved so far on my case would have been possible without the commitment and professional service I received from you. 

I'm really privileged to be part of such an amazing team and company.  I never had a doubt in my mind from the beginning of my case that I chose the best company in this country to fight on behalf of me against RAFF and you two just prove that with the results we achieved thus far.

I am really honoured and blessed to be associated and part of such an amazing company and team.



20 January 2018