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D.M. - "pleasant and without hiccups"


So far I have had my merit case the other day and a date will be set for the quantum case. I need to thank all who have been involved so far. I hope that when I come back to South Africa for the last case, that Prishani is still going to represent me. I can't remember the other ladies name that was with her the other day at court fighting for me but her and Prishani were superb. I felt good on the morning and even better when I walked away after hearing from them that the court agreed to 90/10 in my favour. As much as this accident has made my life terrible with regard to pains I feel every day, the experience I have had with de Broglio and Prishani has been pleasant and without hiccups. Thanks so much to the de Broglio Team and I look forward to the next case."


10 September 2018