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D.O. - "It was done very professionally"

"Good day Michael,

My son’s case has been partially settled. The remainder of the claim, will (hopefully) be settled in the close future.

May I make use of this opportunity to extend my son’s, as well as my, gratitude towards your firm and your team, specifically to Nikita and her team. We were patient for 5 years, but that patience is starting to pay off. We do understand the frustrations with the RAF and we would like to convey our thanks with the way De Broglio has handled his case. It was done very professionally, but with a very friendly approach. We were always kept up to date on the status of the case. This was one of the key points that I appreciated. We always knew what the status of the case was. Your staff is always friendly and helpful and they assist wherever they can.

I will appreciate if you can also convey my thanks to the advocate (His name is George, I cannot remember his surname). Even the advocate was as if he was one of us, and not a highly qualified law practitioner.

I must also say that I have learned a lot from Nikita and her team with all the questions we had that they answered.

Once the case is settled, I will again send you a testimonial.

Keep up the excellent work!!



15 April 2019