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D.V. - “I am very impressed with the services rendered”

“Good day Michael,

The reason for my email is to compliment you and your team, especially Nikita and Nick.

With regards to my claim and settlement. I am very impressed with the services rendered from the drivers taking me to my appointments and my attorney Nikita Nagel and advocate Nick De Vos, outstanding service. They have been professional from the beginning, Nikita and Nick truly have a passion for their work. The time, effort and hard work put into my matter is greatly appreciated. Truly proud and professional.

Personally I know that RAF claims can take as long as five years before settling and I was amazed as to how quick my matter was resolved. When I went to court it seemed as if it were yesterday when I signed with De Broglio. What you and your team are doing for people who encountered such tragedies is outstanding and gives hope to a better future of recovery and moving on. 

I really appreciate all that Nikita has done. I am very happy with my settlement ?.

Big thank you for taking the time and interest in my case and for representing me.



3 March 2017