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Testimonials > E.H. - "The service was exceptional and outstanding"

E.H. - "The service was exceptional and outstanding"

“Good evening!

My life changed when I was involved in a deadly car accident that nearly robbed me of my life. 

It was like dreaming when I heard someone calling my name repeatedly. I opened my eyes slowly and saw a lady dressed in white asking me if I knew I was in hospital. She stated that I was unconscious for 3 days, that I lost my eye lens, that I had had an emergency stomach operation and that I was in a terrible state after the accident. To my surprise, I could not recall anything.

After a few weeks in hospital I got numerous phone calls from people I never knew asking about my accident and wanting to help. I did not know what to say since I had no idea what was going on. At the same time I overheard one of the doctors saying I was to be discharged because there was a shortage of beds and I was to be treated at home. It was a hard nut to crack physically and mentally. I was in no position to do anything on my own. I was discharged and got the best medication ever.

I was in a tangle of thoughts as to what would become of me, then a friend came to visit. He told my husband about a company that would help in my situation, and that company was de Broglio Attorneys. I was in no state to even move my body so my husband went to enquire. He came back and told me that he met a lady called Joyce who gave him all the information needed and some forms to fill in. In no time I received my first letters as they agreed to take my case and this was an eye opener for me.

There I was working hand-in-hand with the best lawyers in town, getting my first medico-legal appointment early in the journey. Along the journey, I was meeting with the most experienced doctors ever! l tried by all means to attend to every appointment given. I was informed of every detail of my case and that it was going to take 2-3 years before settlement.

I got a phone call from Prishani informing me that we were going to see one of the advocates. There he told me that we were going to court and told me what to expect. I was so happy because I never knew that one day I would step into a court of law. That's when I believed that there is a "silver lining to every dark cloud!" 

On the day of the court case, a friendly driver came to fetch me and my husband for the hearing in Pretoria. We waited for Prishani and the advocate at a coffee shop where they explained to me how much RAF was prepared to pay and what they were expecting. My case was settled for a startling amount. This was too good to be true. I was numb with happiness. I could not say a word when Prishani and the advocate asked what I thought.

The service was exceptional and outstanding from everyone who took part in resolving my case, although I cannot mention all of them. I walk with my head held up high because you made me who I am today. Your name is written on my forehead as I tell those who need help to come to you. May the best man win. Thank you.

Satisfied client."


20 May 2020