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E.S. - "the awesome job that was done"


I want to thank everybody involved in handling my case for the awesome job that was done. I can now get my life back on track again.

I am unable to work anymore and after a neck and two back operations (with more operations in the future), I thought my life was over and had no hope for the future and worried constantly how I am going to survive financially. Constant pain kept me house bound and I felt hopeless.

Then came the unexpected news and way, way earlier than what I expected. With all the news and broadcasts that RAF is bankrupt, I was not very optimistic that RAF will even pay out.

Helen phoned me to check out and confirm my banking details and within a day and a half, when I opened my online banking account, great was my surprise to see the money in my account.

I thank everybody involved for the great work that was done and now I have a smile on my face again and hope for the future.

I recommend anybody using your services any time.

And if it was not for the fact that I was sent to the best specialists for advice and investigating  my injuries,  I would have not realised there were more injuries and one of your specialists picked up the injury.

You really are using the best doctors and specialists and I can really compliment them on their expertise and awesome friendliness and services provided.

Thank you very, very much"


3 March 2020