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Testimonials > E.V.S. - "diligence, professionalism, integrity and attitude of care"

E.V.S. - "diligence, professionalism, integrity and attitude of care"

"I herewith sincerely thank Michael De Broglio and the entire team as well as the specialists who lent me an ear and assisted me to state my case and pulled me through the process and frustrating times I experienced.

I would proudly refer anyone to De Broglio for their diligence, professionalism, integrity and attitude of care and understanding what their clients go through. One would not in this era and time expect such brilliance of approach and execution of process with everything that has been happening in our justice system, but with champions like De Broglio Attorneys I had peace of mind and could focus on recovery and restructuring my health and circumstances. I experienced very little distress with regard to updates, contact and consultation with my attorneys and the administration of De Broglio is exceptional. I again want to praise the firm for always keeping me abreast of any development and always being transparent. I never needed to call in or struggled to call for anything, information was always available in due time or in advance. 

I could exercise patience and trust that the team had my interest at heart 24/7.

Thank you and I commend everyone for their hard work once again, Especially Adv. Erasmus, Attorney Dune Delport and her administration who may have changed from time to time, but kept me current and updated."


22 October 2020