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G.D. - "fought for me like Superman"

"Good day de Broglio Team

Thank you so much for the great service that I received from de Broglio Attorneys Inc and the journey you have traveled with me.  Each and every one that was involved in my case right from the receptionist that received my first call, when I was requesting for your services, to those who compiled and prepared my file right to the final stage of the process, I am very grateful.

I was referred to de Broglio by my friend and who's daughter was in a car accident.  What she emphasized the most and was impressed by was the updates she got every week by e-mail, and the stress free service that she received.  I then called and my process started, everything was explained to me in simple terms that I understood.  I was never stressed as to how far we are with the process.  I did not even expect the amount of payout they said I will get. 

Both my Attorney and Advocate:  Mr Patrick Sedutla & Gill Benson, fought for me like Superman, around them I knew I had nothing to worry about.

Nicolle Oosthuizen: I would call & when I mention my file name, she would know my name and surname. 

Michael de Broglio:  The constant updates on what is happening even in the news that affect the pay outs, the videos and the e-mails.  Being the great driver of de Broglio Attorneys Inc.

I know there are more people that worked on my case, I might not know everyone by name.

I am truly grateful to everyone at de Broglio.

Kind regards"


16 July 2019