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G.E - "dedicated and hardworking team"

"Good day

I write this email to compliment and give thanks to the team that was assigned to me in my case against the road accident fund.

My case was handled with precession from the first call we had with Mr David John, he was patient and explained everything in detail on our first meeting, my case was handled in record time of less than two years since our first meeting.

Mrs Tamaryn Melville our attorney was always available for us when we needed her.She and Mrs Alieza Viljoen  did an amazing job for us at court, the settlement we received was way more than we expected it was actually six times more than we thought they were gonna settle on

To Mr Michael Debroglio thanks for having such a dedicated and hard working team,to my attorney and advocate my thanks are not enough to show my appreciation to you THANKS A LOT!!"


31 July 2017