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G.L. - "they don't over charge clients"

"Good morning,

I would like to thank the de Broglio team for the work done on my behalf. I was with other attorneys before I came to de Broglio, they didn't do well and the treatment was bad until I cancelled the mandate with them. I searched the internet for a better attorney and I found de Broglio. From the first day I was happy with the progress because they updated me on with everything.

In court, truly speaking, I was shocked at what I saw. Advocate Ian Zidel, my attorney Nikita Nagel, Angelique, Zandele…the list goes on, it was like watching a movie. The defendant attorney was like a small boy in comparison... the Industrial Psychologist Louis Schubert came to court and the defendant medico legal expert changed her report at the last minute. When you work with the best, you will receive the best result. Payment is fair, I have no complaints, they make sure to deduct only 25% of what the law says, they don't over charge clients.

Thank you Nikita and the team, not forgetting Angelique, the lady who signed up my case, wishing you the best

Thank you"


7 December 2019